When we first met

dreams of past came and went

time remains constance through events

yet this dream lingered in my memory

like a distance, yet instance story

I clinged to it’s narrative

with little bravery

hoping for a beginning from a past moment.



Not Ready

Is it our time to go our separate ways?

I guess it is time to split everything in half.  I’m afraid.

Neither one of us saw this coming.  

What happened to our love and promises?

They now appear to be memories

and yesterday’s news.  Thought you will always be the one

but I guess nothing last so now we’re moving on.

Can we still make it work? Put our differences aside

and come to an accord? I’m tired of the abuse and lies.

I just want to have my lover beside me again.

Truth be Told

Truth be told, I know not what I am doing.

I get butterflies just taking a glance at you.

Often times, I am too shy to lift my head

because my excitement is too much to bare

and I’ll hate for you to see me blush and vulnerable.

This feeling, which I am familiar with, is powerful.

Trying to control it only begets mayhem.

Your presence makes me weak. 

Your playful touches give me goosebumps.

I just…I just want to be close to you if you don’t mind.

I just want to be yours while we sail the ship of time

into the inevitable.  My heart’s restless and bind to you.

Our Sins

How her beauty enticed me;

I refused to think twice about my actions.

I know she is my best friend’s girl,

but I just wanted to have some fun.

She got me caught in her lies

with her subtle signs.  Those eyes

and smile; how can I possibly resist?

Yeah…we’re both damaged goods and we exist

for our mere pleasures.  Lost 

to comfort one another in an inferno

that can’t be extinguish.  He doesn’t know

our sins but slowly they are devouring our souls.


Angel Goddess


What a beautiful sky

but I must say it can’t compare to your eyes.

I love your smile but please don’t be shy.

My intentions are good and I just want to say hi.

I couldn’t help myself but to notice you sitting

alone and I had to say something.

Your beauty surpasses the sight 

of the moon on a warm summer night.

An angel like yourself should be a goddess.


Awakened by a Dream


It seems I can’t forget you.

Love can be so kind yet so cruel.

It hasn’t been long since we said our goodbyes.

My heart has yet to heal, I cannot lie.

Then your appearance returned in a dream,

When I am struggling to forget all of it.

Now I find myself in love still, and in sorrow.

Those memories of our plans for tomorrow

returned without hesitation.

Those long walks and conversations

never left, just dormant.

I handed my heart over to your care and

my soul to never leave you.

I have been awakened by my queen.

I have been awakened by a dream.